Stir it up Vol 9 June 28 release date

After months of delay, Twin of Twins will be finally be able to release Stir It Up Vol. 9.

The skit-centred album was scheduled for release in March. However, there were some delays because it was being reviewed by their lawyer who was checking to see if there were any breaches of the law.

Now, Patrick Gaynor said the album is available for pre-order on iTunes and will be officially released there tomorrow. The physical version of the CD will be made available on July 6.

“There was a lot of tug of war between distribution and certain legality but it’s finally coming out and it’s going to be out on June 28. There was a delay and almost a stop order but we fight and mek sure seh it go through,” Gaynor told THE STAR, noting that the album will be launched at G-Wee Sports Bar, 1A Caledonia Avenue tomorrow.

Throughout the delay, he said they have been in the studio adding to the album to make it as current as possible.

But with the album being at the press for more than a month and several interesting things taking place since then, Gaynor said their fans will be getting a special treat.

“Some interesting things been happening weh wi know people woulda waan hear our take on it. So wi a go do a Stir It Up Vol. 9 1/2 to make up for lost time,” he said, remaining tight-lipped about what would be included on it.

With the Stir It Up Vol. 9 release date coming soon, Gaynor is pleased.

“I am feeling good. A di fans dem mek wi continue ’cause if a did fi di music industry alone Twin of Twins would never be. We were just as frustrated as the fans. A whole heap a frustration build up so mi kinda really happy seh it a come out now,” he told THE STAR.

While he is happy the album is finally going to be released, Gaynor has no expectations of how well the album will do.

“Sometimes yuh nuh know wah fi expect, you just do the work. Yuh nuh know wah a go shot,” he said.

Download or listen Twins of Twins – Stir It Up Vol.9 (Trial & Error) 2011 online


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