Sting 2015 Going Back to Basics

STING, the annual reggae/dancehall stage show held at the Jamworld Entertainment Complex in Portmore, St Catherine, is going old school for it next staging on Boxing Day, December 26.

Isaiah Laing — head of Supreme Promotions, the outfit which stages the event — told the Jamaica Observer that he and his team are going back to the artistes who made things happen in the past.

“This year we are selling an experience that has not been seen in a long time. The theme is From Then till Now… it’s the greats of the past, the people who made thousands of people come out to Sting. [We are] trying to see if we can reenact some of that. Then we come to the now, with the real ones that are happening at this time.”

Laing is confident that this formula will bring out the numbers that his 32-year long event is known for and is accustomed to.

“This will bring out the numbers. ‘Cause if I ask which is the number one song in Jamaica right now, you can’t tell me. There is nothing happening out there as far as I am concerned, so I am going back to the people who made things happen,” he explained.

The event will feature a midnight ‘tune fi tune’ clash between singers Frankie Paul and Half Pint. This will be followed by deejays Burro Banton, Peter Metro and Major Mackerel as well as the Original Three the Hard Way — Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin. Deejays Terror Fabulous, Louie Culture and Frisco Kid will also take to the Sting stage along with Pinchers, Courtney Melody and Little John.

Females acts Lady G, Lady Ann and Lady Junie will go at it in what the organiser is calling friendly rivalry.

This year, Sting will have no major sponsors, but the ‘Supreme’ boss said the show must go on.

“It is something that we have to do… it’s a job so we just have to get it done. We just have to put our shoulders to the wheel every year and find something new that will sell. Any day you miss, you lose money. You putting your hard earned cash out there so you don’t want to lose it, so you really put the work behind it. I know it’s harsh economic times, but most of the sponsors don’t understand what I am doing for this music because the day Sting dies, reggae and dancehall music dies,” said Laing.

Other acts to appear on bill are Johnny P, Tiger, Khago, Vershon, Turbulence, Professor Nuts, Devin Di Dakta, Wickerman, Junior Cat, Terry Ganzie and Silver Cat.

There will also be tributes to incarcerated dancehall acts Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton.

via JamaicaObserver

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