Stevie Face finds more chart success

Reggae artiste Stevie Face believes that due to his hard work and the support of a strong management team, his music career is improving significantly.

The Thank You For Loving Me lyricist is currently overseas promoting his latest studio effort Can’t Go Round It, which is ripping up reggae charts around the world, especially in countries like England, United States and Canada.

The buzz surrounding Can’t Go Round It doesn’t come as a surprise to the fast-rising lovers rock star, born Anwar Hanchard, as he has always exerted significant time and energy into his songs.

“I truly try to keep my standards high, my music must be clean and positive, and I know my fans and supporters appreciate that. I won’t ever take it (music) for granted and believe that my supporters will go out and buy just anything I put out,” he said.

Third Studio Album

Stevie Face is also gearing up for the release of his third studio album. This album is slated to be released this year, and is being produced by a variety of top local music producers, including Donovan Germain and Paul ‘Computer Paul’ Henton. He said that fans can expect a collection of quality songs and great production, and that it’s (the album) dedicated to females, who he claims have been his strongest supporters.

“My fans can expect great and uplifting songs and excellent production on my next album. Computer Paul is pulling out all stops and is committed to making this album a work of art. I am sure it will be the same from the other talented producers involved. You know also that Stevie Face loves to sing for the ladies, and very special treats will be on it for them because they have been my best supporters,” he said.

Stevie Face is also involved in a project which was done to pay tribute to legendary reggae crooner Beres Hammond, which was produced by Donovan Germain. This album features several other top reggae acts singing covers of several of the lovers rock King’s timeless classics.

Stevie Face, who began his music career in 1996, said that he is very happy and honoured to be a part of the project.

“Being a part of this project has been profound for me. It has made me more aware of the quality of the music that Beres has been doing over the years and his exceptional talent and range of singing.

“When I was asked to cover Full Attention (a Beres Hammond classic), I thought it would have been a fairly easy song to sing as Beres does it so effortlessly. Wrong! I had to work very hard to hit some of those notes, this experience really cemented my respect for his vocal ability,” he said.

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