Steph Curry Talks About the Idea of Him Scoring 100 Points in an NBA Game

Scoring 100 points in a single basketball game (obviously!) isn’t easy. We talked to a bunch of players who have done it earlier this year, and they told us all about how difficult it is to do.

Wilt Chamberlain is the only NBA player to ever do it, and there’s a good chance that no one is ever going to be able to match him. But if anyone could do it right now, it’d be Steph Curry, who has turned scoring the basketball in every way imaginable into an art form. So Yahoo! Sports asked him whether or not he thinks he would ever be able to drop a hundred on an NBA opponent, and he said…well, no. But he does think 75 is a possibility!

“It’s a different game today,” he said. “I don’t know how many shots [Chamberlain] got up, but he didn’t have a three-point line. A hundred? That would be tough. If I shot like I did in New Orleans and played a full 48, maybe got 20 more shots up, I might [have] got 75-ish. That’s shooting the ball really well, too. A hundred, probably not.”

Probably not. But truthfully, it’s not out of the question, right? Curry has dropped more than 20 points in quarters on a number of occasions this season. So if he really caught fire one game and his teammates encouraged him to keep shooting—which seems to be a common thread in all 100-point games—maybe it could happen. Even if it doesn’t, we’re going to enjoy watching Curry turn 40 and 50-point games into a common thing over the next few seasons.

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