St. Thomas Technical High School Students In Kumina Trance???

Strange events were this morning reported at the St Thomas Technical High School, where several students reportedly fell into a trance.

It has been reported that a few students in a Religious Education class were re-enacting a Kumina session, when several boys started drumming and a female student got into a trance.

Other students across the school quickly became affected, with several of them falling on the ground and dancing wildly.

It is reported that some of the affected students ran to the main office, banging on the windows and doors and calling for the principal.

Parents who had gone to pick up their children were also said to have been affected.

A Baptist pastor from a nearby church reportedly went to assist the students, but was unable to get them out of the frenzy.

A Kumina Band, from a Revival Church, also visited the school in an effort to restore order.

Several students at the school described the experience as terrifying.

  1. look at the person who is beating the drum, he knows what going on. the beats of the drum is what cause the children to go into a trance. this is a fact, and why would any body go beat drum inna school yard?…..

  2. This is stupid, why they are not in class leaning? This is why the country is the way it is. What going to happen when one of them get injury? And you wonder why homosexual is so much in the island, every girl if feeling up each other. Ain't no dam duppy ina no body!

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