St. Thomas based Reggae Artiste Trapycal Says Pedophiles Should Be Put To Death

A few weeks ago the story of children being abducted by an alleged pedophile in St. Thomas sent shockwaves across the nation as scores of Jamaicans scampered to locate the missing children who were eventually found alive. However, this situation inspired fast-rising reggae artiste Trapycal who is also a resident of the parish to call for the death penalty to handed down to all convicted pedophiles.  

“As a father I am very concerned about the fact that these animals are out and about abducting and assaulting people’s innocent children and I am of the view that these demented creatures should be put to death by the state. I decided to put my frustration into music because when one considers that even the man that is said to have abducted the little girls from my parish (St. Thomas) is still on the run it pains my heart so I hope the system will impose much harsher punishments for anyone who does such gruesome and evil acts” Stated Trapycal.  

The singer himself has many reasons to feel blessed of late especially after surviving a brazen attack by criminals from his native parish of St. Thomas. This extraordinary says he is of the view that his life was saved in order for him to fulfill his life’s purpose which he says is to inspire at-risk youths to aspire to do great things by being individual agents of positive change. This humble yet profound soul says he remembers the day he was pounced upon by a group of men who struck him several times in the head with guns and iron pipes leaving him unconscious for hours and at one point he was even in a coma while hospitalized. The artistes says while he does have flashbacks about the incident he has put that behind him and is fully focused on music. 

“Life is a journey, some have a smooth one while some of us go through all sorts of trials and tribulations on the way but as an artiste and a vessel for the most high I believe I am a messenger and my message is both profound and relatable. My message to the thugs is simple, revenge benefits no one so at times in life we may go through some harsh realities yet we survive to tell the tale and I don’t think that is by coincidence I think things happen to us so we can teach others. My music will tell all and teach all” Stated Trapycal. 

Currently, Trapycal is working with a cluster of producers including Top Chef Records,Bauvel Bentley- Mitchell (aka LUSH), Deono Deann Records, Troy Boss Music, Konsequense Music and Nuh Sympathy Music.

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