Spilla gets ratings from Terro Don and Amari Deraisx

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Spilla is beaming with confidence of late considering the fact that he has been gaining traction locally and internationally following the release of his latest single entitled “Survive”.

The emotionally charged single has attracted the attention of several top-flight vloggers such as Terro Don and Amari Deraisx within the first week of its release. According to several musical pundits, Spilla has all the elements of a star and stands a very strong chance of shooting to stardom almost overnight. However according to the cool, calm and collected Spilla he is taking it day by day because he is just getting started and is promising hits on top of hits.

“Survive is a powerful song and the message is something the street can relate to and it was told from a different perspective than the typical hustling song. It was hypothetically written from the perspective of a Choppa who is being targeted by the system. In the song the youth a explain why he does what he does and yet he is not glamorizing it. The song tuff cause it real” stated Spilla.

Born Kimani Allen Spilla the Clarendon native describes his sound as a melting pot of dancehall, trap and rap which he believes will give him a distinct advantage.

“My ting original and real Suh me well confident that I will stand out nuh matter who else a do music. I put my all into my music because I want to become a giant in local and international music” Spilla stated.

Currently, Spilla is kept busy promoting his single entitled “Survive” as well as in studio recording for several top-flight producers.

  1. Spilla a move it the right direction. Great song everyone can relate whether you are in the streets or not. Good move mi artist.

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