Spice Spills All About Boyfriend Dick

It’s not Tom, or Harry who has caught dancehall artiste, Spice’s eye – it’s Dick.

The humorous, pun-filled song, My Boyfriend, Dick, released only a few days ago on producer, Seanizzle’s Sunrise riddim, has already garnered raised eye-brows, laughs and more importantly increasing airplay.

My Boyfriend, Dick tells of Spice’s affection for her fictitious boyfriend of that name, and she says, “The idea came to me when I heard the beat. It just popped into my head and I built a song around it. It’s definitely a fun song and I know there are some persons who will misread the title, but it’s just a fun play on words. I try to make my songs fun, with vivid imagery and sometimes with lots of puns that the fans will love.”

Spice, whose correct name is Grace Hamilton and a past student of the St. Catherine High School, says drama and poetry were among her favourites in high school, “So that has definitely impacted what I write and sing about and how I put my music together. My dramatic background definitely comes out in my performances and stage show fashion. It’s that kind of love for the arts that led me to the Edna Manley College, but I opted to forego that and went straight into music as a career instead.”

In addition to My Boyfriend, Dick, Spice’s single, Hot Patty Wine, produced by her management team, Movers and Shakers Ltd., has been slowly making its way through parts of Africa. “That song has both an Afrocentric feel to it plus aspects of dancehall, and those are both things which an African fan-base love. I’ll be there very soon, plus I have another surprise up my sleeve for my African fans – so they can definitely watch out.”

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