Soulja Boy is opening up about his new relationship with former Crime Mobmember Diamond. The twosome have already made headlines after photos of them getting extra close hit the ‘Net.

In an interview with Atlanta radio station 107.9, the 20-year-old made it official. “You already know how that go,” he explained. “What’s another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Me and shorty rocking, straight like that.”

Diamond also chimed in on the call, “Yeah it’s official,” she added, but refused to divulge any other details.

The female rapper’s last relationship with Scrappy stirred up some controversy recently due to his mother having more than a few choice words for Diamond, badmouthing her in interviews. However, Scrappy seems to be taking the break-up pretty well. The Atlanta native called into the same radio station Soulja Boy used to confirm his fling with Scrappy’s ex, slamming rumors that Diamond cheated on him with the younger rapper.

“We haven’t been together,” he said, explaining that both he and Diamond have kept their break-up under wraps. In regards to helping Diamond build her solo career, Scrappy was less diplomatic eluding that her new fling is merely a career move.

“You can’t help it when two people like each other, if they do,” Scrappy continued. “I’ve been kicking it with her for a minute but we both been openly dating. Shorty gotta get her money however shorty wanna get her money and shorty is young. The world can’t judge her. From what I heard it wasn’t nothing but if it is something the world will know.”

Diamond and Scrappy have been on-and-off for several years and were rumored to be engaged. Scrappy has also moved on, rebounding with former VH1 reality star Shay “Buckeey” Johnson who appeared on the second season of ‘Flavor of Love.’

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