Over the past two years, Sophia Brown has been catching the ears of a growing number of Jamaicans. Now, it seems she is beginning to win Canadians over as well as her latest song is beginning to gain traction there.

Let It Be Me, a song Brown wrote along with Anthony Q, and produced by Cashflow Productions, was released officially in July on the ‘Pleasure’ rhythm. In the weeks following the release of the song, frequent air play both here – Zip FM, Hitz 92 and Irie FM – and abroad allowed it to gain traction.

A few weeks ago Let It Be Me entered the Toronto Top-10 reggae and dancehall charts at number 17 and steadily climbed its way up to number 6 this week.

“Everybody was telling me about the song blowing up big time in Canada,” said an obviously delighted Brown when she spoke with THE STAR this week. “It is more of an up-tempo song and I am being told that up-tempo songs do better in Canada.”

This information, Brown says, has given her ideas about what type of songs she wants to be part of her album she intends to release early next year. “I was already thinking along those lines, so I plan to ask Cashflow to do other tracks exclusively for my album,” she said.

Meanwhile, Brown’s song Gimme That Good Love is reportedly doing well in markets overseas. According to the singer, who will be performing on Izah Bing’s ‘Cruise Around the Harbour’ on September 4, the song is doing fairly well in Italy, Germany and France as well as the United States where it is being promoted by Universal Records. “I feel good knowing that I am on other charts because it means that my music is good and I am grateful for that,” she said

Breaking into new markets overseas, Brown says, does not mean she is ignoring her fans locally. She knows her fans here in Jamaica have much love for her and can’t seem to get enough of her. “That is why I will continue to pull out all the stops trying to please them musically,” she said.

Source: JamaicaStar

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