Sophia Body On French Montana: I Like Khloe K. Over Trina

The voluptuous Sophia Body has recently been linked to rapper Safaree, but the French-Canadian vixen states she “got known” due to her public relationship with “Coke Boy” French Montana. “Every time we see each other we’re cool. That was one of [the] loves of my life,” Sophia exclaims.

Though “he has his issues like anybody” else, Sophia says there’s always an obvious “spark” between them whenever they’re in the same proximity — and one night after they broke things off, Miami rapper Trina was one of the people to take notice.

Sophia Body says she “wasn’t fond of that at all” when referring to Trina and French’s budding relationship after the two split. The self-proclaimed “Five Star Chick” grimaced at Sophia when her and French embraced one another during an event at NYC’s 40/40 Club. “I was so uncomfortable,” Sophia Body remembers. “I’m glad that phase of his life is over.”

Though Trina doesn’t appeal to the stacked model, Sophia says she does like how French Montana’s new relationship is going.
When asked how she feels about French and Khloe Kardashian, she states “I like her. She’s my favorite out of [all of] them.” Sophia had nothing bad to say about the “cute” Kardashian — French Montana even asked Sophia her opinion on Khloe when they began dating. “I think it’s a good move for him, but I just hope it’s genuine,” Sophia says.

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