(Kingston, Jamaica) Up & Coming female recording artist Janice Watson may soon be getting her big break this after her highly controversial single “Coochi Liar” was leaked on social networks Facebook and Twitter recently sparking wide spread attention on a topic many believe have been plaguing women for decades.

Janice who hails from Highgate St. Mary but was based in Miami Florida for several years describes the recent notoriety as a surprise but is happy the song is finally getting its justice. “That song was recorded a while back and we tried to promote it but only a few people really gave it a chance, It was a song that I had to record because I think 3 in every 5 women can relate to a situation where a man has boldly lied about sexual relations that never happened”. I know the song would be deemed controversial but to see it was leaked by someone and was able to spread like wild fire so fast really took me by surprise but I am grateful none the less”.

While some find the song amusing others are calling it a ladies anthem citing that Watson should consider doing a remix with a male deejay to get even more people talking. “I know some men might not want women to talk about this issue but we have to because its real and it does affect us especially the younger girls who are still in school, so doing a remix with a male artist is not out the question at all”.

Looking ahead for the rest of the year Janice is currently working with a number of producers including Fat Eyes and Stashment Records. Other singles from the young singer include “Turn It Up”, Pack Your Things And Go” and “I Need You In My Life”

Download “Coochie Liars” HERE

Listen track on Youtube: Click Here

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