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The tech-savvy users of social media platforms in Jamaica will be treated to an experience, tailored to excite their interests on June 25, when a group of popular social media personalities stage Retweet: The Ultimate Social Media Beach Party.

The group of young minds are putting together plans for not just a big event, but a set of pre-events and activities that will utilise the fast-growing social media websites Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook.

“What we are planning is something that we are hoping will bring social media to the fore of everyone’s attention. The power of social media is incredible; it is something that is always evolving and is a platform that wields significant potential, especially in Jamaica,” says Brent Richardson, one of the organisers of the event.

He said that conversations with possible sponsors include the social networking website Foursquare, and local brands that he contends are “social media friendly”.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean brands that are currently active on social media, but those brands that will resonate with our target market, and those brands that understand or are curious about the power of social media,” Richardson said.

While he and his team are not yet ready to name the possible partners, he did say that they were far advanced in a plan to have two city-wide treasure hunts to give away an iPad2, and two more will be raffled as prizes at the event.

“We’re looking for Retweet to be very savvy and in-line with the crowd we interact with. What better gift to give someone on Twitter or Facebook than an iPad2? So we’re hoping to be able to give away three in total and that’s only one of the many attractive things Retweet will have,” commented Richardson.

For now, persons can follow Retweet on Twitter (@Retweet_JA) and on Facebook (Retweet: The ULTIMATE Social Media Beach Party), where the organisers will be disseminating most of its information in the coming weeks, including its entertainment line-up.

Source: Brandon Allwood & Associates Ltd

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