Smirnoff Gives You A Chance To Build A Dream

A lucky consumer will be given the chance to build their Ultimate Dream Weekend party through a promotion by the world’s most popular vodka, Smirnoff. The promotion dubbed the Smirnoff Build the Dream Competition is designed to give the opportunity to conceptualize a party and then implement that idea. This exciting promotion is a part of the many activities the brand will be doing to engage its consumers over the Summer.

Competitors are required to submit a three minute long video outlining in detail, their idea of the ultimate Dream Weekend party, to the Smirnoff Jamaica Facebook page.

The winning party plan will be determined based on the best ideas of theme, dress code, entertainment and of course Smirnoff signature mixes. The Ultimate Dream Weekend party planner will receive three Smirnoff Dream Weekend armbands valued at $45,000. The winning party concept will be executed on July 29 at Smirnoff Flavours, the first party slated for the Smirnoff Dream weekend party series.

Another element of Smirnoff Jamaica’s consumer engaging activities which has been creating quite a stir on the web are the Smirnoff Summer Experience Webisodes orchestrated and hosted by Smirnoff’s Student Brand Ambassador, Andy Heaven. The Smirnoff Summer Experiences is a short 3 to 4 minute long video that captures different elements of what the brand Smirnoff is all about, creating experiences that will last a lifetime in the memories of our viewers.

These audiovisual presentations depict the true Smirnoff experience and were filmed at various Smirnoff sponsored events as well as hot spots, highlighting the contributions of Smirnoff as a premium brand, to sophisticated night life and responsible drinking.

The Webisodes have become an instant hit since the recent posting of the first two episodes.

As Student Brand Ambassador, Heaven is enjoying the best of both worlds attending top ranked events as well as gaining hands on experience while learning from the best of the entertainment world.

“For me the past month has been filled with organizing creative social media strategies as well as promoting the brand at socials and parties. The experience has opened many portals for other business opportunities; also it has lead to networking with many influential persons,” Heaven said.

Andy also speaks highly of his experience while working with Smirnoff and shares his desire to maintain his relationship with the brand in the future.

“I’ve been given the opportunity to work with talented people such as Marsha Lumley and Kamal Powell, both of whom I look forward to learning a lot from. Smirnoff Jamaica is a brand that breathes boldness, confidence and sophistication and to be honest everyone that works for Smirnoff has these attributes. I believe that it is one of the reasons why the company functions as a family. I really look forward to continue working with Smirnoff Jamaica after finishing my degree in Management Studies at the University of the West Indies, maybe even becoming Brand Manager in the future, who knows, because at Smirnoff anything is possible,” he ended.

Andy’s next big webisode will be around the Build the Ulitmate Dream party. This party will be featured online for fans to see and enjoy.

View Webisodes so far:
Webisode #1
Webisode #2


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