Smashing Makes His Musical Entry

Alvin R. Wallen better known by his stage name Smashing was born on June 5, 1986. He grew up in Frazer’s Content a community on the outskirts of Spanish Town, in St. Catherine, Jamaica. The name Smashing is a replacement for the name Hector Frass, the name used in the early stages of his music career.

Smashing’s love for the arts began at an early age. He noticed he had a connection with the arts when he was in primary school. However, it was while attending high school his passion for music started to bloom and he began testing his musical abilities. He would often show-off his performing prowess to his classmates in high school, chanting lyrics from Vybz Kartel’s songs long before the entertainer became a popular icon, “Inna dem time deh as I can remember, a friend of mine name Leon gave me a cassette with nuff a Addi songs and me use to study dem and perform them in class while friends and I beat desk, I love the vibe which generated my interest to be more involved in music, ” Wallen said. 

After graduating from high school in 2003, Wallen went on to learn Carpentry at Heart Trust/ NTA in Old Harbour. However, while investing in this skill, Smashing still wanted to live his dream of becoming an entertainer. While at Heart, he met Fire K Venom a disc jock who introduced him to numerous small recording studios in Old Harbour, Spanish Town and other areas in St. Catherine. Following this, he decided to fulfil his yearning desire and venture into music wholeheartedly. He adopted the stage name Hector Frass and soon after he started performing at school concerts and community shows in and outside of St. Catherine. 

In 2008 after doing his first professional recording, a song titled “Schoolers” captured the attention of Craig “Amaziyah The Great” Kirkland a close friend, who did his first official music video. Kirkland began supporting the emerging artiste, Hector Frass, and promoted his music on all major social media platforms. The artiste later did a demo called “Daggering Time” on Sky Dagger Riddim which was popularly played and used in dancehalls sessions. While Smashing, formerly Hector Frass started to gain more attention in the music industry he made appearances at major events such as Reggae Fever, Aries Jam which featured top acts like Romain Virgo, Charly Black, and Chris Martin. He also performed at Red Pon Live Up with Movado, Red Pon Experience with Beenieman, Westmoreland Curry Fest, among other events across Jamaica. As he became more adept at creating music, Wallen changed his stage name to Smashing and started a small home studio where he began producing music for his label, Smashing Muzikk Entertainment.

Wallen later collaborated with Nicolas Collin aka Nykka a young studio engineer and producer, to work on projects such as the “Suntan Rave Riddim” which featured Pink Boss, Innovata, Smashing, Nykka, Kryptonite, and more. In 2016 Smashing Muzikk also collaborated with Great Amazement Multimedia Ent. and produced “Happy Groove Rihdim” a 13-track album with various artistes.

In 2018 Smashing’s career was put on pause due to medical complications. After recovering, he was introduced to Roderick Fray of HowWow Records and Production LLC based in America by a friend called Soya Foundation from his community in Spanish Town. Fray then decided to take on the task of managing the artiste’s music career. 

A song titled “Last Try” written and performed by Smashing is the first project to be released since they both started working together. The official video is currently on youtube and the audio is gaining immense popularity on radio stations both locally and internationally. The track is distributed by ZojakWorldwide and available on all digital platforms.

For bookings contact HowWow Records and Production LLC, phone: (619)6330852 (USA)


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