Smack: URL Single-handedly Built Battle Rap Industry

With Summer Madness 4 fast approaching, Smack and DNA sat down with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes to discuss the upcoming card that is stacked with veteran “Top Tier” talent. Aside from DNA vs Tay Roc, which is Smack’s personal favorite, he explained why he is also so excited to see John John Da Don exchange bars with Aye Verb. He and DNA believe that Arsonal vs Ill Will is also going to be a gritty match, and they discussed how special this card is, due to the fact that every battle “has a meaning.”
Smack went on to discuss how the work he and his URL staff put in has “single-handedly built an industry within the Hip-Hop culture,” and how the “Battle Rap industry is basically booming” at this time. He clarified for the fans that the Harlem grudge match between T-Rex vs Charlie Clips will have a time limit, and that he has set up a press day for both of them to discuss the regulations set in place for their battle, so that no one will be upset if rounds get cut off while they are on stage.

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