Slim vs Fluffy Part 2? Pamputtae Talks Spice Collaboration

In 2013 Pamputtae and Spice released “Slim Vs Fluffy” and since then fans have been anticipating part 2 of the song. “When it drop it drop enuh. Anytime the collab with me and Spice drop it drop.” 36-year-old Eveana “Pamputtae Henry stated during a recent interview with Jamaican vlogger Chedele.

“With Spice or without Spice collab or whatever, me ah go remain the same. Me ah go name Pamputtae, me talent nuh gone no weh, me still ah do me thing same way, she ah me sista and me fren same way no matter wha.” The “Single Mother” artiste stated.

“Me naw vex wid nobody over no collab cause guess wha, rain nuh fall pan one man housetop…if Spice eat oxtail and fish and her belly full and me eat chicken back, ah still belly full.” Pamputtae ascerted.

“Ah one thing with Pamputtae, me work with what me have until me get what me want. Me hold me own till me own me own…so me nuh need fi badmind fi nutten at all.” She continued. “If a good peas you sow ah good peas yaw reap, if ah bad peas you sow ah bad peas yaw reap.”

Her fans were very much in support of her on Instagram.

Mzpearliec: I’ve never wanted someone to win soooooo BAD keep pushing Pam an you know as ghetto ppl they judge us more harsh so make sure you focus on YOUR craft n then come show dem weh wi learn inna di ghetto which is “ hold your head up high. Have ambition. Work hard fi weh yuh want and NEVA GIVE UP.” Keep going Pam, I’m forever a fan

Sammyjoe_varietyandmore: mi rate her enuh really hope her career takes her exactly where she want to be enuh

Super_dooper_mom: Always preaching positivity, I so love tht abt you continue to put in the work ❤️❤️

Uniquely_gaza_1: Impati ently waiting for years

Pamputtae also shared her views on the recent imbroglio among Lady Saw, Spice, Shenseea, Jada Kingdom etc.

“Lady Saw ah woman whey me look up to…me rate Mumma Saw, me never stop rate her…Me did ah say if you really did wah come back inna dancehall certain way and wha do you ting, you fi jus come. You nawfi talk nutten bout nobody cause ah you name Mumma Saw and you bad…At the end of the day you was once inna dah spot deh, you usually sing di song dem too…” Pamputtae stated. 

She used the opportunity to shed some life lessons to her fans. “People have to understand say no care how you and people ah fren, there is a point in time in your life where some people haffi get chop off, cause guess what, it’s called level up…Ah nuh everybody who start the journey with you ah go end it with you.”

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae’s big break came in 2006 when she did an intro for Tony Matterhorn for his song ‘Goodas Fi Dem’. The song was an instant hit, which took her name all over the world. At the 2008 staging of Fully Loaded and Beenie Man’s Summer Sizzle, Pamputtae gave an excellent performance, earning her many a‘forwards’ and rave reviews.

Watch Pamputtae’s full interview with Chedele below:

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