Skatta releases new 'Bar Mitzvah' rhythm

With his new rhythm ‘Bar Mitzvah’, Producer Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell says he is hoping for some level of international success.

Skatta said his Jewish-influenced rhythm was premiered on the radio about two weeks ago but it will be officially released in April after he records more people on it.

“I made it the first week in January. I got the concept from my London-based publisher, Othman Mukhlis. “the best thing is to find two genres of music and merge them,” he said, noting that Mukhlis worked with him for the Indian-based ‘Coolie Dance’ rhythm which had major success overseas.

He explained that he always heard the term ‘Bar Mitzvah’ in movies but became curious and researched what it was. It was after getting an understanding of it that he decided to make a rhythm of this nature.

“It’s very easy to dance to. It has to be very commercial to appeal to a wide cross section of persons,” Skatta said.

Features Artistes

So far, he says the rhythm features artistes like Chino, Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Vegas, Mr Lexx, Shuga (formerly Brown Sugar), Natel, Rage and Stephy.

“It’s been doing very good. Irie and ZIP have been endorsing it and other artistes have been calling to record on it,” he said.

While the rhythm is doing well now, Skatta says he hopes it will make a lasting impression on the public and even gain international recognition.

“I want it to last into summer. Mi waan do something weh can last straight through summer and not get swept under the rug. I want a rhythm that can go overseas. That is my ultimatum, to get something to crossover,” he told THE STAR.

He added: “The way for it to crossover it haffi mek an impact inna Jamaica, so mi a go push it as hard as I can. If it can happen inna Jamaica, it can happen overseas.”

In 2004, songs like Nina Sky’s Move Ya Body, Lil John and Pittbull’s Culo and Elephant Man and Twista’s Jook Gal from ‘Coolie Dance’ rhythm made it to the Billboard Hot 100. And with that rhythm and ‘Bar Mitzvah’ having similarities, Skatta says he is hoping for the best.

“It definitely have dat same vibe. That’s me, me can tek on that different type of culture. It has a lot of drums and a little phrase fi mek the rhythm move. It is melodious and hard-hitting at the same time. Mi just want the support,” Skatta told THE STAR.

Source: jamaica-star

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