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Former dancehall artiste Lady Saw is keeping her word to cancel all her upcoming dancehall shows following her baptism with Yush being one of the first.

Promoters of the popular party, that will be held on December 24, have confirmed that Saw, who was one of the headline acts for the show, will not be performing as was previously advertised. Promoter of Yush, Phillip Palmer, told THE STAR that while Lady Saw’s recent decision to convert to Christianity came as an inconvenience to the event organisers, they respect her decision.

Our fans were looking forward to seeing her perform, so the announcement did come as an inconvenience, but we acknowledge her decision and we understand and respect it,” he said. Despite the main act bailing out at the last minute, Wray and Nephew, sponsors of Yush, said they expect the show to still attract a good turnout. “We respect Marion Hall’s decision, and will be making alternated arrangements to secure a high-profile artiste to perform at Yush,” said Pietro Gramegna, marketing manager, White Spirits, J Wray & Nephew Ltd.

And new arrangements have already been made, as Palmer has since announced that Sizzla Kalonji will be replacing Lady Saw at the event.

“We have booked Sizzla and we believe he is more than a worthy replacement,” he said. “We anticipate the turnout to be just as big and guarantee that patrons will not be disappointed.”

Phillips also noted that Lady Saw has promised to refund the deposit that was paid to her.

“There is no legal dispute between us (Yush) and Lady Saw,” he said. “She has promised to refund all deposits. We have not gotten the money back as yet, but we are holding on to her word in good faith.”

angry promoters

Although Palmer respects Lady Saw’s decision, the entertainer revealed that her decision to get baptised and cancel shows has not gone down well with other promoters.

“A lot of promoters and booking agents are mad at me right now, but I told them it has nothing to do with me, it was never my decision, it just happened,” she said. “It’s unfortunate for them, but I am not sorry because I can’t be sorry. I can’t say I am sorry, but I’ve apologised to them that I won’t be able to do the shows.”

She also said she has started the process of refunding promoters for some shows. For others, Saw is hoping to come to an agreement which would allow her to perform the gospel songs she has recorded over the years as ‘Marion Hall,’ ‘Minister Hall’ or ‘Evangelist Hall’.

Lady Saw stunned the dancehall fraternity and the world on Monday when she revealed that she was turning her life over to the Lord after God spoke to her at J Capri’s funeral. Lady Saw got baptized that same evening and posted the video to her Instagram page.


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