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(Kingston, Jamaica) Reggae recording artist Singing Melody is taking the promotion of his new single “Wi Set Di Trend” to the next level with an official video scheduled to be shot during the first week of March.

Singing Melody

The new video which is to be directed by Karl Durrant will mark the first for Melody since the start of the year and will seek to highlight some of the real reggae / dancehall veterans in the music fraternity. While the list may be extensive two of the trendsetters who are expected to make cameo appearances on set at the video shoot is the comedic Professor Nuts and the outlaw Josey Wales.

Melody who has been busy working on tracks for his upcoming album is pleased with the positive reception he has been getting on the new single. “So far I have been getting really good feedback about “Wi Set Di Trend”, it’s not my typically lovers rock kinda song and I think that’s what radio jocks and selectors will appreciate from this new album, the variety”.

With confirmed booking already in place for the month of March, Melody will hit the road shortly after the video shoot making stops in both New York and Atlanta.

Download Track “Wi Set Di Trend” HERE

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