Singing Melody releases “No Love” following Massacre at Manchester England Concert

Reggae Star Singing Melody calls out destroyers of Humanity for showing “No Love” via the release of his newest single.

Placing his message in the music, Singing Melody takes listeners to task by asking them how we can allow humanity to get to the point that a person is killed for less than a shilling and for the smallest of offenses. He directly asks “what we gonna do / what we gonna say?”

When reached by phone to discuss the heavy hitting single, Mr. Melody was asked if his lyrics place blame on those of us who turn a blind eye to the evils that are happening around us to which the artist replied “yes. If we know that a person has committed a wrong, we have to talk to them and encourage them to make a mends. We need to find out why they did that wrong and offer help if we can, or direct them to a person or people who can help. This is the only way humanity can be saved”.

Producers Unity Yawd Family agree with the artist, offering him the St. Ann’z Riddim as a platform to echo their shared sentiments. “Melody is a successful artist with many hits so we know he will get the ears of the fans” the producers said.

Recorded in Jamaica, “No Love” reflects problems that are happening across the Caribbean and around the world. Every day we watch the news and see horrors that humanity is perpetrating against each other; the most recent is the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK which left 22 people dead and 50 injured. Regarding that case Melody said “someone had to have known something. People are operating with ‘no love’ if they knew that act was going to happen and did nothing”.

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