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(Kingston, Jamaica) Premier reggae vocalist Everton Hardweare more popularly known as Singing Melody was in Canada over the weekend for an annual event hosted at the Level 2 Nite Club in Winnipeg Manitoba and by all accounts the fans in attendance were completely captivated by his presence.

Singing Melody

Melody who is no stranger to the Canadian market gave a brilliant performance to patrons who came out in their hundreds to witness one of Jamaica’s best voices sing classics like “Want You Back” and “Say What”.

According to Melody, people would be surprised to know the songs which really have major impact in foreign territories. “Its so interesting every time I travel to see how there are songs that are big in some countries but not in others. Its also important to know that fans are more receptive to new music here so I included new tracks like “Wi Set Di Trend”, “Special Love” and “Lady” in my set at Saturdays show”.

Melody who will return to Jamaica early next week is slated to make an important stop in Miami to meet with Tony Kelly on a few projects for his upcoming album. Fully booked for the month of March with confirmed dates locally and in Atlanta then New York, Singing Melody is looking to make February a productive month of marketing and promotions. “Well right now I have decide to spend most of February in Jamaica so as to get some more recordings done, I am doing some work with Fat Eyes and I will also be shooting a video for my latest single “Wi Set Di Trend” which is something a lil bit different from my usual lovers rock singles and all this is geared towards generating good press locally and internationally “.

Article By: Christopher “Icey Jace” Campbell

Download “We Set The Trend” by Singing Melody:
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Singing Melody

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