Shemdon Buzzing with “Big Whip” Single

St. Ann-based recording artiste Shemdon has many reasons to smile of late considering that he has found a single that is currently enjoying an earthshattering street buzz that has catapulted the witty deejay into the spotlight. 

However according to the former Magnum King And Queens Finalist he is taking the current buzz in a calm stride because according to the artiste the current buzz is a result of the hard and consistent work he has been putting into growing his fanbase as well as honing his craft. 

“Big Whip already buss on the north coast and the wave is quickly becoming an island wide movement not to mention the countless international requests me a get right yah now, me phone bun up. However I am taking everything step by step because I have been working towards this sort of street traction for a long time so I am maintaining a calm and level head while putting out more work” Stated Shemdon. 

Born Devrone Long, Shemdon lit up the Magnum King And Queen Of Dancehall television stage in 2016 which gave him the musical jumpstart he need to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a dancehall artiste.

However, the deejay says he found it quite challenging to navigate the harsh realities of the music industry following his exit from the competition mainly because he never had a proper management team in place. 

“Progress was slow after Magnum because is not like I had an investor or a manager it was just me, my talent, my fans and a few loyal friends as my support system. However, give god thanks me find a song now that the street just rate suh me just a do the right ting” Stated Shemdon. 

Currently, Shemdon is kept busy recording for several top-flight producers as well as promoting his Big Whip single. Shemdon also collaborated with dancehall star Jahvillani on multiple projects recently. 

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