Shebada Comes To Town

Watch Jamaican roots play “Shebada Comes To Town” staring Jamaican actor and comedian Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay.

After growing up in the country, Shebada finds it necessary to migrate to Kingston in search of a key member of his family. He ends up in the Ghetto and meets Ringo (Garfield Reid), who wastes no time in terrorizing him for money. Shebada absorbs the bullying for a time, and later discovers that he has found himself in a tenement mess with the kind of excitement that he could do without. Ringo’s influence on Shebada ran deep and, in the end, he gets a taste of his own cooking. Shebada Come to Town is a comedy of transformation. Just as Shebada leaves his rural place of abode, which has wide differences with where he now calls home, his life is significantly transformed and he becomes a new person.


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