Shayne3g says he can balance production and artistry

Shayne3g, whose given name is Carlton Graham, was Born on October 31, 1990. A Graduate of the Seaforth high school and he hails from the parish of St Thomas but transitioned to Portmore sometime after. He describes himself as a new sensation blessed with a melting pot of skills that underpin why he is confident that he can win a place in the top tier of the music industry. Whether he spends his time in the recording booth as an artiste or around controls as a producer/engineer, one thing is for sure he will create something worth listening.  

“My goal is to add to the rich legacy crafted by the likes of the great Bob Marley, Bounty Killer and all the other legends. Quality is my selling point, so I may be new but my work will always show that I am no small player in the game” Stated Shayne3g.

Under his wel ez recordz label he recently released a cluster of exciting new rhythms including, the Mailbox Riddim, Angry face Riddim, Education Riddim and Try Riddim . He also released singles with the likes of Laden, Tydal and Tatik. 

“I am making up for lost time because music has always been my passion and as such I am giving my all to my musical pursuits. The goal is to carve out my own niche in this crowded space called music” Stated Shayne3g.

His obsession with music began at a tender age and he has since grown into his craft and is seeking to bring a fresh approach to both reggae and dancehall. He recently team up with damage musiq to release a single as an artiste entitled, “God alone”. He is currently promoting his noteworthy compilation entitled, “Try Riddim”.

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