Shawnna Speaks On Ludacris Blocking Her From The 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards & Cypher

Shawnna opens up to VladTV about getting barred from entering the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards, and says that it was a decision made by her former boss Ludacris and his brother Chaka Zulu. She explains that Chaka served as executive producer for the show, and she was shocked to learn of the decision after traveling all the way to Atlanta.

The “Gettin’ Some” rapper says that she doesn’t understand why Chaka and Luda would not want her at the show, as she feels there was no bad blood when she left DTP. When asked why she parted, Shawnna explains that her contract was up at the time, and her attorney wanted to do some auditing of her numbers, which is when she was let go without question.

Today, the Chicago rapper says she’s never harbored bad blood over leaving DTP, and is surprised that Ludacris and his brother would act this way towards her. Shawnna closes by saying that she only went to the awards show after BET showed her love, and she thought it would be a perfect way to promote her single “Getting To It.”

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