Shauna Chin and Gully Bop fight, Chin says Gully Bop is trying to kill her

“Every gal want a wuk offa Gully Bop”- except his fiancée Shauna Chin.

Trouble seems to be brewing in the home of dancehall couple Gully Bop and Shauna Chin.

A video circulating on social media, shows an angry Gully Bop pointing towards a car. A female assumed to be Shauna Chin screams from inside the car.

“People, Lord Jesus help mi! Di man a get mad pon mi,” the woman screams.

In the video Gully Bop is seen walking around the car as if trying to get in while the woman screams for someone to open the gate and allow to her leave.

“Open di gate nuh, open di gate! Oonu ago mek di man kill mi in yah?”

But Gully Bop tells a different story in another viral video. With his face covered with what seemed like blood, he relates how Chin cheated on him and attempted to fight him when caught.

“Chin have man inna me house, inna me house. Chin wait till late fi bring dem inna mi house,” Bop says.

“She hide behind the door, knock me out with a padlock and buss up di whole a me face,” he says in explaining the condition of his face.

But denies these claims.

“Gully Bop is a liar, how mi fi a live inna house wid mi man n cyar een man pon him,” Chin told the STAR.

“I am no longer his fiancée but if he needs help I will try to help him but he needs to enroll his rehab,” she added.

Chin also told the STAR that Bop is abusing drugs.

“Him a bruk inna him owna house, fi tief out di tings dem, fi sell fi buy coke,” she says.

Source: JamaicaStar


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