Shabba takes aim at Kartel?

A late addition to Stephen McGregor’s February released ‘Pepper’ rhythm, Shabba’s None A Dem was released last week. Since then the song has got over 10,000 views on and has sparked numerous debates on who the veteran deejay is making reference to in his sharply worded song. According to numerous persons on the Internet, the song is making reference to Kartel’s Dancehall Hero which was released at the end of last year.

On persons have been debating. One person commented, “Some bwoy pass dem place and Shabba just remind dem who a di real dancehall hero.” While another said, “Kartel need fi hol’ a seat.”

In Dancehall Hero, Kartel boldly refers to himself as the hero of the dancehall who everyone imitates. In the song, he explains that it is because of him persons have done combination songs, money songs and ‘freaky’ song. He deejays: “every style weh me mek dem want one, me a di dancehall Pele, di Jordan, di tall man, di smart one, di last don/everything we do dem follow.”



In None A Dem, Shabba takes aim at persons in the dancehall who have not respected the veterans who have inspired and motivated them. He explains that he has been in the business for 30 years and is still here. In the song he deejays, “How can you not rate who come before yuh/yuh a gwaan like a yuh come bout yah, come mek music big.”

He also deejays, “None of dem nuh bad like Shabba Ranking/none of dem nuh tough like di Ranking/stop dat one deh and ask him/ if him nuh imitate di great Shabba Ranking/unnu can stop dat fool deh and ask him/if him nuh imitate di great Shabba Ranking/cause dem a brag and boast/and is a shame/an dem nuh add up to wha dem proclaim/wid dem likkle house, dem likkle car, dem likkle, chain dem likkle name.”

Shabba was one of the most popular dancehall artistes of his generation. He was also one of the first Jamaican deejays to gain worldwide acceptance, and recognition for his ‘slack’ lyrics.

Since the 90s, however, Shabba has been seen less frequent on the dancehall scenes, not appearing on local shows, and hasn’t been heard on a new single for a while. None of Dem is the deejay’s first new single for 2011.

Kartel, has noted Shabba as one of his inspirations, having made his own remake of Twice My Age with his then protégé Gaza Kim, as well as Gaza Ting A Ling a remake of Shabba’s Ting A Ling.

In a broadcast message sent on Wednesday night, Kartel addressed persons who have been saying that None of Dem was aimed at him. The broadcast read, “Stop pinging me about Shabba’s song. Whether or not he is in fact talking about me, I couldn’t care less. Because I’m not focused on any artiste but Popskull, Popcaan and myself.”

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