Shabako Starts 2022 On A Musical High

Fast-rising singjay Shabako seems poised to be the first artiste to get the all-important buss for 2022 after scoring a powerful and buzzing single entitled “Faith”. The young melodic artiste has been making the rounds on social media and on local radio with many musical pundits touting him to become the next positive voice in music to ascend to the zenith of the industry. But according to Shabako he remains grounded despite his growing popularity and continues to put in the requisite work daily. 

“The tide just start turn and me just start earn from my music since the release of faith cuz now dub and recording requests dem start forward which makes me feel very optimistic about my musical future suh a just straight hard from here on. It is a wonderful feeling to know that my music is being embraced because I sing from my heart and put a lot of effort into creating quality content” Stated Shabako. 

Born Dwayne Shabako Stewart the artiste was born in Kingston but raised between Spanish Town St Catherine and Westmoreland. Music was always a part of his life as he was a regular participant in musical competitions as well local concerts/stage shows. His immense talent was soon noticed and after being bombarded by requests by family, friends and strangers he began his musical journey. 

“Me a sing for as long as I can remember, I take pride in my craft and I honestly believe that 2022 is my year to create an major impact globally with my art from my heart. Me rate every artiste but memba seh me tell unu dis todey Shabako forward to lead and dominate suh gimmie likkle space deh” Stated a confident Shabako. 

Currently, Shabko is busy promoting his latest single entitled faith which has already become on a staple on mainstream radio in Jamaica.

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