Carry You (Acoustic)” is the third video from Sevana.

The original version of the song “Carry You”, produced by Winta James, is the opening track on Sevana’s self-titled EP Sevana, released Summer 2016. For the video, Sevana strips down for an intimate acoustic performance of the song.

Sevana reveals, “When I wrote Carry You it was so my brother would know that he’s not alone, and will never be alone because he has me. I wanted the song to become a kind of companion to him, words he could lean on. Words that would help to reenforce his self-worth every time it was challenged. Carry You makes a bold statement, and it goes past what may perhaps be palatable to witness someone say. I’m fully aware of the weight of my words and I chose to declare them – to do this and have follow-through is a brave and vulnerable thing, it’s honest and soul-bearing, both things I hope to master.”

“Pure love demands vulnerability, for the giver to expose herself without thinking about what that might look like. That’s what I wanted to do with the visuals for Carry You (Acoustic) – expose the depth of feeling; the gentleness and bravery involved with unconditional love.”

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