Serius Jones on Math Hoffa Fight: “That Was Really Light”

Serius Jones stopped by our VladTV offices for an exclusive interview reflecting on his fight with Math Hoffa at Summer Madness 3. He previously released a short Instagram video showing off his unmarked face after the fight, and a longer blog explaining in some detail what happened.

Serius Jones Smack Summer Madness 3 Intro Math Hoffa Diss

This time Serius released all of his thoughts and feelings about the incident in front of our cameras. He stated that he firmly believes that Math Hoffa punched him when he wasn’t looking at him, that the gay jokes Serius was saying in his first round agitated Math, and that he thought Math’s blog apologizing and explaining his day leading up to the Summer Madness 3 fight was strange to say the least.

Serius wants everyone to know that from his perspective, he was never knocked out, and was only on the ground because he got pushed down and held down by security while they were trying to separate him and Math.

What do you think of Serius’ reflection on his Summer Madness 3 fight with Math Hoffa?

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