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Warning to all adolescent girls: as if being afflicted with Bieber Fever wasn’t punishment enough, now it turns out a possible side effect may include such high levels of misguided jealousy that you hack into the social networks of his actual girlfriend.

Selena Gomez

Which, for all intents and purposes to Justin Bieber’s hormonally imbalanced fanbase, is the random fan he sucked face with Selena Gomez. And we’re guessing that’s a decision her social media team is regretting right about now.

Earlier this morning, the last remaining controversy-free Disney starlet appeared to have a bad case of the potty mouth, when foul languaged posts popped up on both her Twitter and Facebook pages.

So, what did they say? Oh, you know. The usual…

“THE KID ON 4CHAN.ORG IS A LIEN F–KER HE DIDN’T HACK S–T!!!!” (Someone’s been taking caps lock lessons from Kanye!)

“This message is for puha, YOU SUCK BITCH!!!”

“Oh yeh, JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Wha…? And just when all fingers were pointing at the Biebs’ unhinged legions—maybe this wasn’t an inside job after all?

To further clear up the confusion, the culprit left one last tweet so as to leave no doubt about who was responsible for the cyber attack:

“This account has been hacked by, PkinJ0r – Aka – Prokill The Video I gave to someone random an asked them to upload. So, Thanks random dude.”

Needless to say, as soon as they realized what had happened, Team Gomez began work to remove the offending messages and issue an apology to her impressionable followers.

“Sorry everyone,” Gomez wrote on Facebook. “My Facebook Page and Twitter account has been hacked and we are cleaning it up.”

She offered a similar apology on Twitter, tweeting, “Obviously, my Facebook has been hacked. My twitter has been fixed and everyone is working on Facebook. Love you guys!!!!!”

Though we can’t help but think she’d love them a lot more if they stopped sending her death threats and hacking into her accounts. Just a thought.

Source: eonline

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