Reggae artiste Sekhu dedicated most of 2011 to his debut album “Do Your Best”. For 2012 Sekhu is already working on his sophomore album to be released later this year.

With singles “Zion Gate”, “Mamma & Pappa” as well as the album title track “Do Your Best” in international rotation Sekhu plans to leave an even greater impact for the new year and go beyond all boundaries. The artiste from St Croix in the US Virgin Islands wants to continue to spread positivity and carry his music to more international listeners.

Sekhu is part of a vibrant and emerging reggae scene in the USVI and he wants to continue to strive within but also take said vibrancy and energy to a global audience. As a Rastafarian Sekhu addresses the problems and struggles of the people in his music and at the same time tries to uplift through positive messages.

For 2012 Sekhu also plans to tour more so his fans and future fans can see his live performance. His band as well as the artiste are ready and rehearsed to hit the road and bless international stages with some real USVI reggae music.

For January 2012 Sekhu has already released his first music video, “Mamma & Pappa” and song giving thanks to all the good, nurturing and loving parents, which was shot in Sekhu’s hometown of St Croix featuring the artiste’s mother.

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