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Sekhu has released his first video. “Mamma & Pappa” is the first video release off the album “Do your Best”, which this young culture artiste from St Croix in the US Virgin islands is promoting.

“Mamma & Pappa” was shot around the artiste’s home of St Croix by director Kay Parris and Ras Attitude. The song and video is basically about giving thanks to the mothers and fathers who fulfill their roles and who are nurturing their children and are guiding their youths into the future.

The video features Sekhu’s mother which made the video shoot extra special as it was a way for Sekhu to also give thanks to his parents. Additionally the video was also special to the young artiste because he filmed in his community and highlighting issues faced by his community is of utmost importance to this conscious artiste.

Sekhu says he “chose to do a video for ’Mamma & Pappa’ cause everyone in the world can relate to it and there is commom ground for the majority of mankind no matter where you come from”.

For 2012 Sekhu plans to shoot quite a few new music videos as he is currently working on his sophomore album. He has grown as an artiste and a person since he started working on “Do Your Best” and the new album will reflect also recent experiences, the struggles of a young artiste and will be filled with more positivity of course. The album will also bring the listeners closer to life in the Virgin Islands , the beauty as well as the problems faced by small island communities in the Caribbean.

Sekhu is also planning more performances across the region as well as internationally so fans can look out to see Sekhu and his band live very soon.

View “Mamma & Pappa” Video Below

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