USVI reggae artiste SEKHU has released his album “Do Your Best” . The album is essentially a conscious reggae album but mixed with the Virgin Islands experiences and a twist of cross Caribbean flair. Sekhu is an artiste whose musical goals are to reach an international listenership, give inspiration and strength through his music. As a person Sekhu strives for better living, independence and his ultimate goal, spiritual enlightenment. “Do Your Best” is Sekhu’s introduction to the international market and he is ready to represent for the striving reggae scene in the US Virgin Islands and be part of the international reggae community.

“Do Your Best” features many songs with positive messages such as the title track “Do Your Best” as well as “Enuff Bloodshed”, “Man of Peace” or “Lift Up Your Heads”. The album is all about the Caribbean experience, the struggles of the people, Rastafari, freedom and above all, positivity. About his album, Sekhu says “It has a little of everything. Everyone should find something they like and can relate to on this album.

The album is available on all major digital outlets as well as select stores in the Caribbean.

Please check out the album and review it if possible. For further information and to schedule interviews please contact me any time.

“In the struggles today, we must find a way – Do Your Best” – Sekhu


1. Searching
2. I Care
3. Do Your Best
4. Interlude
5. Enuff Bloodshed
6. Lift Up Your Heads
7. Do Ah Little
8. Peace Of Mind
9. Interlude
10. Till De Earth
11. Mama & Papa
12. I Care (remix)
13. Man Of Peace
14. Interlude
15. VI Fun
16. Good Times
17. Meekness
18. Zion Gate

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