Seaview Gardens has Produced A New Star Called Kustiks

Seaview Gardens has produced some of the biggest stars in dancehall including the likes of Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer and Dexta Daps so it should come as no surprise that an exciting new Seaview Gardens based artiste has the community touting him to be the next big thing in music.

The artiste we are speaking of goes by the name of Kustiks who describes himself as a musical all-rounder. Not many new talents can boast of being an accomplished singer, deejay, musician (plays multiple instruments), producer and songwriter. However, Kustiks is no ordinary artiste and says he has his sight set on becoming a musical legend.

“I literally eat, sleep and drink music it is my calling and as such I take pride in everything a put together musically. For me it is not about the hype it is about making a positive contribution to the art form that I love endlessly. My latest single entitled Relationship is exactly that, a piece of art that has everyone going crazy about the sound which was tweaked several times until I was finally ready to share it with the world. I have countless songs ready to share with the world so I am going through the process of marketing and promotion to ensure that they get to the ears of musical lovers worldwide” Kustiks stated.

The witty and melodic artiste who was recently featured on the Ron Mushette Morning Show where he created quite a buzz on their platform after the legendary radio personality stated that his “Relationship” single was one of the best songs he has heard all year. According to Kustiks this positive review has led to several other radio deejays and producers reaching out to him and his team.

“Nuff respect to Ron Mushette who gave me an opportunity to be on his platform recently during which he expressed his positive feelings towards my song which has led to several other deejays adding me to their playlists as well as several recording requests by established producers and show requests by promoters” Stated Kustiks.

Currently, Kustiks is kept busy promoting his new Relationship single as well as making final preparations to shoot the music video for the single. 

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