Sanjay Remakes Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder They Come”

Kingston, Jamaica: Sanjay Ramanand better known as Sanjay released a new single exclusively to his fans on Facebook earlier this week called “Harder They Fall”. The single is a remix (remake) of the 1972(3) smash hit by Jimmy Cliff “The Harder They Come”.

‘The Harder They Come’ is the title track for the soundtrack album to the iconic film of the same name, released in 1972 on Island Records in the United Kingdom. It was then released February 1973 in the United States on the Mango Records subsidiary and peaked at #140 on the Billboard 200. The movie was directed by Jamaican film icon Perry Henzell and stared none other than Jimmy Cliff and was release in 1972.

The single features Jimmy Cliff and in some aspects stays true to the reggae roots of the original track but still accredits the new age dancehall sounds that is true to Washroom Entertainment and most definitely true to Sanjay’s style of reggae-dancehall. Sanjay says, “I would like to think that this remix is done in a way that gives the song even more contemporary relevance while staying true to its original message of confident and strong willed bravado”.

“The reason I remade this song is because it has been one of my favourite Reggae songs from a child until now. I watched the movie when I was younger and I found the song very inspirational and it’s something that has always stuck with me. I think Dancehall doesn’t do enough of remaking our own known classics, we have been blessed with great music from Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Toots Hibbert and other great reggae artistes that were famous in that era.”

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  1. righteous thinking Sanjay. Dancehall needs to move forward. And by looking forward its crucial to respect your past. Old time is not a crime. Time longer than rope.

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