Sales And Real Streams Over Hype Says iTunes Chart topper Dizzle Ja

International recording artiste Dizzle Ja has shocked many local musical pundits following the successful release of his latest album entitled My Time Now which has already made its way onto several international charts. The 14 track project which is currently sitting comfortable at number 64 on the iTunes reggae chart and 28 on Audiomack has been out doing most of the current crop of “hot” local artistes but according to Dizzle Ja he is not surprised.

 “I am a businessman not just an artiste so my mindset and approach to the business of music is different from most. I took years to study the craft so at present I am executing a strategic climb to the top of world music. Dem can gwaan hold down each other a yard and fight with selectors to play dem songs to the same 150 people that go to every party who never buy a song on iTunes. My songs are on playlists, charts and I am actually getting real streams to real people as well as real sales”.  Stated Dizzle Ja. 

Having made his mark as a party promoter and as a “style icon” in the Unites States musical underground. The fast-rising deejay says that the time he spent traveling the world opened his eyes in terms of the importance of developing an image that is globally appealing if one is to become a successful artiste on the world stage.

 “What is seen as trendy in Jamaica may not been viewed that way in America or across Europe because different territories have different perceptions and trends. As such one has to strike a balance in terms of creating a look that is globally appealing. Being an artiste is more than just singing songs, it is a business with many departments however image is one of the most important aspects because people look at you and sum you up before even listening to your music” Stated Dizzle Ja. 

The St. Thomas native who describes his sound as dancehall trap says many local music pundits are not seeing the big picture because they are busy criticizing the changing sound of dancehall instead of properly developing brands that can compete globally. According to the artiste dancehall music is an evolving sound but more focus needs to be placed on imaging and brand placement to pull the desired streaming and sales numbers. 

“Trap dancehall or traditional dancehall should not be the center of the debate about why our music is not pulling the numbers that we know it can. The real debate should be what are we doing as a body to properly develop our talents to make us more marketable. We definitely have the talent that goes without saying and the world loves our culture so what is the missing element? Rhetorically speaking, Dizzle Ja will add that missing element and teach the others via image, sound, brand placement and create marketing strategies. Stated Dizzle Ja. 

Currently Dizzle Ja is kept busy promoting a cluster of singles in addition to recording for several international producers. His album My Time Now has been racking up both sales and streams on most major digital platforms. 

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  1. Dizzle Ja is indeed making strides in the music business. He has the talent, the image and the content. Keep it going bro! The world 🌎 is your audience and the global village is your playground.

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