Ryno drops 'Di Stinger'

After only months since his last name change, the former Portmore Empire member, Ryno Di Stinger, has changed his name yet again.

This time he drops ‘Di Stinger’ and now goes simply by the name Ryno.


The move he said, was made with the future of his musical career in mind.

gang affiliated name

“Mi a come under a lot of pressure from the Jamaica Defence Force and a lot of other official people. Yuh know I originally got that name from the song I did for Notnice of the Portmore Empire on the Remand rhythm a while back. Now dem a pree seh is a gang affiliated name mi have. So after thinking about it with management we made the decision,” said Ryno.

“Wi just mek a small change to the name because mi cyaan tek the pressure from the lawman at all. But a the same old Ryno, nothing nuh change, a just the name,” he joked.

number of shows

Ryno is now preparing for a number of shows in the upcoming Christmas period, among them, GT Taylor Christmas Reggae Extravaganza, Sting and a couple shows in the Caribbean.

“Yuh know seh mi never stop touring enuh,” laughed Ryno.

His group, The Garrison, has also been doing well for themselves, steadily building their name and brand.

According to Ryno, “The Garrison a gwaan good enuh, yuh have Kaliba and the newest member, Potential Kid. Me and Kaliba have a new song, Seh Dem A Fren, wah a go good to.”

Ryno is known for songs such as Money Haffi Mek, Bawl Out, Wine N Dip and Mi Lef, among others.

Source: JamaicaStar

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