Ryan Leslie Talks 50 Cent Remix, ''It Was A Blessing & A Curse''

With his debut album slated for a fall release, SOHH sat down with R&B sensation Ryan Leslie to find out what’s in store for fans and learned why it was a gift and a curse to have a co-sign from 50 Cent.

On the heels of his hit single “Diamond Girl,” 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew remixed the track for themselves. SOHH asked Leslie how he felt about the song.

“The 50 Cent [remix] joint that was actually a blessing and a curse in a lot of ways,” he said. For the triple threat, singer/song writer and producer, an endorsement from 50 led some fans to associate the hot track with the G-Unit front man rather than the actual mastermind himself.

“I was walking through an airport like maybe three or four weeks ago and somebody says, ‘Hey man, you look familiar,'” Leslie recalled. “And I was like, ‘Oh maybe you know me, I got a song on the radio. I got a single called ‘Diamond Girl.’ And my man literally just shut me down and was like, ‘You frontin,’ that’s a G-Unit record.”

The 50 Cent remix apparently affected Leslie’s iTunes sales since the track was available as a free download on the G-Unit mixtape and because 50 beat him to a video.

Despite all of the controversy surrounding the lead single, Leslie still admits “for 50 to jump on it was like a dope co-sign.”

As for his next single, “Addicted,” fans can expect an appearance from Brooklyn rapper Fabolous and Leslie protégé, Cassie.

“I really just wanted to still let everybody who had seen us come up together and were fans of us as a team, I wanted to introduce a record that still had that sort of conotation to it,” he said.

Ryan Leslie’s self-titled debut hits stores on stores August 26.

Source: Sohh

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