Jamaican singer Ruth-Ann Brown performed at the event “Women Walking Tall” in Washington D.C. last Saturday. The event was an extraordinary experience for attendees and the line up was a treat ranging from dub poets to singers. “Women Walking Tall” was held for Women’s History month, “celebrating the beauty, talent, spirit and determination of the women who walk among us.”

Ruth-Ann Brown wowed the audience with her beautiful voice and warm personality : She started her performance by introducing herself to the audience, telling them about her quest to pursue music instead of continuing a teaching career in Jamaica and the effects of that transition, which lead to the first song she sang “Nobody But Jah”.

Ruth-Ann Brown sang “Nobody But Jah” a cappella , she spoke about her inspiration for the song as part of her performance. The intention was for her do one song because it was actually an appearance for her not a performance so didn’t have her band but the audience asked for a second song and she sang her single “Unfamiliar Feelings” a cappella.

The people loved her and after the performance she did a meet and greet with the patrons and took pictures.

Photo by: Simon Enterprise

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