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Jamaican artiste Ruth-Ann Brown started singing and songwriting professionally in 2005 and got signed to Bran -Nu Entertainment in 2007. The young talent has made an international impact with her song and video “Unfamiliar Feelings” and followed up with singles such as “Chillin’ with My Baby” and “Jamdown”. Ruth-Ann Brown makes music for the soul and her fans can relate to her lyrics and emotions that she brings across live on stage especially through her beautiful singing voice.

In 2007, Ruth-Ann Brown made Washington D.C. her second home in order to be in the same location as her management team. Since then, she has embraced the opportunities that the district has to offer.

Washington D.C. also embraces Ruth-Ann Brown and this coming Saturday, March 26th 2011, she will be performing at “Women Walking Tall”, an event which is conceptualized around women’s month and its purpose is to showcase and highlight strong positive women making moves within their own rights.

Ruth-Ann Brown is indeed a strong and positive woman who believes in herself and works towards her goals of giving something meaningful back to this world and contributing through music that inspires and makes people happy.

Being in Washington D.C. has been a positive experience for the young singer, who describes her experience of starting out as an artiste in Jamaica as “quite rough‘. She says she has learned valuable lessons in the US that she would not have learned if she had stayed in Jamaica, even though she misses Jamaica a lot, which is a big part of her inspiration. The “nostalgia only makes me more passionate about my writing, ” she said.

Washington D.C., even though not a hub for Reggae music, has a vibrant music scene where Ruth-Ann and her manager, Ric Zheron, can work closely together creating music and furthering their contributions to the entertainment industry.


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Hon Al, J Wilson,mh
9 years ago

Hi Ruth, all the work you have Don, very nice,And more work to come,send copy to me i play for you two time a day on Give thank’s