Russell Westbrook Responds to Allen Iverson’s Huge Compliment

In today’s NBA you would hear a lot of criticism on how soft the game is officiated and how players flop a lot, but in Russell Westbrook’s case, he was complimented by one of the NBA’s most influential players ever, and a former MVP. In this exclusive footage, Westbrook gets word from a member of the media that he has a fan of sorts, former NBA MVP Allen Iverson. Westbrook, who was gracious of the compliments from Iverson, wasn’t a huge basketball fan growing up but still thinks it’s pretty awesome to have an icon speak on behalf of his name.

Also in the footage, Russell talks about wearing a mask due to facial injury/surgery, and he states he’s more comfortable now wearing the mask and until a doctor clears him to not to wear the mask anymore he will do so. Westbrook also was unclear of how long it will be before he can stop wearing the mask.

Also in this footage, he was asked about his free throw shooting which was a huge issue for Russell, therefore he said he wanted to make improvements to his form and become a better FT shooter all together.

To close out the footage Russy had the opportunity to see fellow teammate Serge Ibaka’s documentary by Grantland called “Son of Congo,” which Russell said was a great movie and some great insight and life story about his teammate. Big props to Sneakerreporter for the footage!


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