(Rumour) Yoooooo!!! Popcaan Under New Management

“Gaza mi seh!” That’s certainly not a phrase that dancehall artiste Popcaan, can say with any conviction these days.

The artiste is now being booked by Patrick Roberts of Shocking Vibes, the same camp that was responsible for the rise of Beenie Man.

Chatychaty.com has confirmed that Popcaan is now a part of Roberts’ outfit, which took a beating when Beenie Man jumped ship several years ago.

Sources say that Roberts,despite acknowledging Popcaan’s talent, has been reluctant to have a business relationship with Popcaan because of the artiste’s alliance to the Kartel-led Portmore Empire.

“Popcaan and Patrick som Jamie a bredren and Jamie produce under the Young Vibes label, so that’s how him get to Patrick,” the source told chatychaty.com.

However, it is revealed that even Popcaan’s mother got involved and asked Roberts to manage her son’s career.

Popcaan is quoted by popular afternoon tabloid, The Star, as saying that he was hurt by the news as Vybz Kartel is charged with murder. He said, “Mi feel hurt, mi nuh expect dem tings from him, even if its true or if is frame dem frame him.”

He disclosed that since Kartel’s arrest and subsequent charges he and the other members of the Portmore Empire have been talking and are “still a family same way.”

Popcaan, whose real name is Andre Sutherland, came to prominence withe the hit song with Kartel, Clarks, and has had solo breakout singles since, including a big summer song.

It is said that the popularity of Popcaan’s summer song rivalled that of Kartel’s and led to Popcaan being shelved.

Source: ChatyChaty

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