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Rohan Marley, son of late Reggae legend Bob Marley, has reportedly dumped his longtime partner and currently pregnant mother of five of his children, Lauryn Hill.

Allegedly, 39-year-old Rohan has left Lauryn, 36, for Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana, 28.

Hill and Marley have been linked together since 1996, though their marital status has been the source of much confusion — Hill has referred to Rohan as her husband, a title he denies.

The two share five children together, ranging from 13 to 3 years old. Lauryn is currently pregnant with her sixth child, who Rohan has vehemently denied fathering.

If the rumors are true, Lauryn can really sing the ‘Ex-Factor’ blues

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Miss Petite
Miss Petite
9 years ago

No sah…. Am I the only one who thinks the Marley brothers are a bunch a “Breeder Man”, who might I add can’t stick to one woman, as did their father????!!!! Lauryn Hill, after the 3rd one, should have called it quits honey! Cause no amount a children u have fi a man, naah go mek him stay!!!! Didn’t she get the memo??!! Sad, real sad, for a woman who I looked up to in my teenage years and really connected with her songs emotionally!! Well pick up the pieces Miss Hill and move on like a true black woman… Read more »