Roderick Reid is not a mellow vibes promoter

The members of the GLK Entertainment Group, the official promoters of Mello Vibes and Yesterday, have distanced themselves from popular promoter Roderick Reid who they say resigned from the organization almost a year ago.

“Rodrick Reid was never a promoter of Mello Vibes, however he was a promoter of Yesterday, and had a minor share in that event. For some time, he has not been actively involved in the promotion of that show. He had resigned from the GLK Entertainment group because of ‘creative differences’. The promoters of GLK promoters, in no shape or form condone any act between anyone of the same sex, and condemn categorically any act of molestation and exploitation of children,” Gyete Ghartey, who is a partner of the group, said in a release issued today.

Popular party promoter Rodrick Reid will appear before the courts today to answer charges of indecent assault and gross indecency after administering alcohol to a minor with the intent of committing an indictable offence. He is accused of molesting a boy who was under his supervision

“Reid is accused of crimes committed in his capacity as a probation officer. He has not been involved in Yesterday for several months. While Mello Vibes, an event he is not affiliated with, is geared towards adults, young people don’t come to our event, it is catered to an older demographic. Reid never played a role in the promotion of Mello Vibes,” Mr. Ghartey said.

The direct promoters of Mello Vibes and Yesterday are Omar Perrin and Gyete Ghartey. Both events are skewed towards an older demographic where songs from 70s, 80s, and 90s dominate the turntables.

“The allegations against Rodrick Reid are unfortunate, but everyone is innocent until proven otherwise so we are waiting the final decision of the courts,” Ghartey concluded.


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