Rod Pinnock Optimistic About It’s A New Day Single

For many, It’s A New Day is a wish that may never dawn like the rising sun. But to Rod Pinnock, his mega song “It’s a New Day” is already ringing in the air and ears of thousands across the world. And, like a single flash of lightning, the entire music landscape is set for a new horizon. Pinnock, a Jamaican entrepreneur/ record producer and versatile artiste, likened his song, “It’s a New Day” to God declaring, “let there be light!” and instantly there was light that saved the world from darkness.

 The song with an accompanying music video is one of hope, deliverance and resurrection from the scourge of- not only COVID-19 coronavirus, but the prevailing problems of poverty, crime, division and chaos in several parts of this world. Pinnock’s catalogue of songs is so rich it has everyone searching for his lyrical goldmine. And, the link is straight to his YouTube and Instagram page, rodpinnock. The count includes “My Time” produced by Xxylus Music, “Enjoy Life”- a Ritetrack Music/ Orize’n Global Inc. (formerly Orize’n Entertainment) Orize’n is Pinnock’s well-sought after music label will have some of the brightest stars in music.

Once you look at the musical landscape Pinnock’s musical treasure continues with “Dem Nah Ansa” produced by A&P Enterprise a U.K based Orize’n Global label. There is also “Good Morning” another A&P Enterprise imprint. The dawn of 2021 saw Pinnock releasing “Eyes on Me” produced by Street 6 Classic while on April 20, 2021 it was “For Too Long” on the TMO Red Block Ent. label. 

His (Pinnock) pure class quality led him to Grammy winner riddim makers Sly and Robbie and world-class saxophonist Dean Fraser creating the beats which allowed him produce some of dancehall finest acts including Capleton, Beenie Man and Frisco Kid on the riddim Monster Rock produced by Orize’n. Pinnock’s musical journey began at Camperdown High school where he began singing with an acapella group Persuade. And, with the likes of the great pop legend Michael Jackson and reggae icon Bob Marley he sharpened his musical dream which led him to operate a recording studio Chadrock where he made riddims and later held stage shows and managed such artistes as Idonia, Madd Andrew and Monster Twins.

His journey to Florida, USA in 2005 was a giant step leading to the re-registering of Orize’n Global formerly Orize’n Entertainment company. The death and memory of his mother, Angela Pinnock was more than a turning point when he(Pinnock) began a project “Everyday should be Mother’s Day” with artistes Red Rat and Shanna-Lee recording an unforgettable “Mama”.

On his return to Jamaica in 2012 the writing was on the wall that Pinnock would be a force to reckon with as he begins what he describes as a musical rocket which will take the world to the Orize’n.

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