Robert Young at CFW for a 9th Time

This year marks the 9th year that Robert Young’s The Cloth appears at Caribbean Fashion Week.

This year marks the 9th year that Robert Young’s The Cloth appears at Caribbean Fashion Week.

Playfully called the “only” Caribbean Designer by his compatriot, friend and fellow designer, Meiling, Robert has steered the 25 year-old label to a distinct aesthetic with consequent, loyal following.

He has dressed the likes of David Rudder, Mavis John and 3Canal. He is an award winning Costume Designer and has outfitted more Steel Orchestras than any other designer in the world.

Recent developments include a collaboration with New York based Product and Textile Designer, Malene Barnett, that will see the expansion of his home décor line. Having done drapery, pillows and bed linen with great success, production is now forthcoming of carpets. The luxury hand-made items, which will be available by year’s end, are designed by Robert, and is inspired by his unmistakable appliqué technique, to be produced by Ms Barnett.

This year at Caribbean Fashion Week Young, will be showcasing his designs ahead of his 25th Anniversary celebrations later this year, as being a part of the fashion industry. thestudyOFIVE© promises to be a measured exploration of repetition within limits.

Recent showings of The Cloth at CFW have focused on environmental conservation, which saw the conscientious Young in 2009 inspired by socialism, bio-mimicry and the economic collapse.

2010’s Snapshot to 25 was a precursor to this year’s Silver Anniversary collections.

As colorful as his signature palette, the out-spoken Trinidad and Tobago citizen last year made a spontaneous appeal to the audience as his collection was set to hit the catwalk for support of regional designers.

As a strong, continuously-growing brand, The Cloth represents an organic, indigenous, festively conscious expression of Caribbean identity that sits perfectly perched among the region’s best.

The Cloth this year will also be contributing to the wardrobe of Kemar Daswell at this years Caribbean Fashion Week correspondent in Jamaica representing the Caribbean Fashion Style Journal.

Article By: Kemar Daswell

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