‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Trailer 3 HD

20th Century Fox has for this 2011 an interesting film for planet of the apes fans. This film try to bring some realism into the science fiction plot. They tell how, in San Francisco, experimenting with genetic engineering leads to the development of intelligence in apes. That’s the beginning of the war for superiority.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes is directed by Rupert Wyatt, and the cast staring James Franco (best known for the Green Goblin’s son in ‘Spiderman’), Andy Serkis (Gullum from ‘The Lord of the Rings, and the next movie ‘The Hobbit’), Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy from ‘Harry Potter’), Freida Pinto (‘Immortals’), Brian Cox (‘Troy ’,’Braveheart ’,’The Bourne Identity’ and ‘The Bourne Supremacy’) and John Lithgow (very familiar face as trinity in Dexter 5th season, and ’3 rd Rock From the Sun ’, also his voice gave life to characters in Shrek 2 among others).


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