Rihanna Says She's Upset And In Shock Over Chris Brown Apology Video

RIHANNA is in shock after her ex-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN released a public video apologizing for his fight with the singer in February (09). The Kiss Kiss hitmaker pleaded guilty to attacking Rihanna in June (09) and was sentenced to five years supervised probation and community service. He was also ordered to stay away from the Umbrella hitmaker. He kept tightlipped about the incident after he was advised to not speak out by his attorney, but earlier this month (Jul09) he released a two-minute video on TMZ.com expressing his “deepest regret” for his actions.

But Rihanna has been left reeling at the public statement because it has led to more publicity about the fall-out.

A source tells Britain’s Now magazine, “She’s in total shock. It was like he gave her another blow, albeit one of a different kind. All she knows is that it’s in the news again and that’s the one thing she didn’t want. She’s been trying to put it behind her and move on as fast as possible.

“They spoke earlier last week and Chris made no mention of any public statement then. She wishes he’d given her at least a heads-up about it. But that’s Chris, always thinking of himself first and forgetting how this would impact on her.”

Source: Thisis50


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